Social Justice Peer Educators

What is a Social Justice Peer Educator (SJPE)?

The role of the Social Justice Peer Educator (SJPE) is to provide education, resources, and support to GU students regarding diversity, inclusion, and social justice. SJPEs work within UMEC and focus their efforts to provide support to the residence halls and throughout campus.  

  • Presenting a workshop on identity for a student group with a co-SJPE
  • Hosting a panel on social justice leadership for your building
  • Preparing an infographic for your block on how to confront bias
  • Attending a training opportunity to further your social justice education
  • Connecting with residents, RAs, RDs, & DICE staff about the issues that are impacting campus most urgently

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Meet this year's Social Justice Peer Educators!

Red Kwenda

Red Kwenda, they/them

Hometown: Spokane, WA
Major: Music Composition 
Year in school: Junior
Focus: Intersectionality in Media, Sports Equity, Land and Environmental Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights

Contact Red:

Kellyn Pattee, she/her

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO 
Major: Political Science & Communications Studies 
Year in school: Sophomore
Focus: Disability Justice, Reproductive Justice, Criminal Justice Reform

Contact Kellyn:

Kendyl Eugenio, she/her

Hometown: Ewa Beach, HI
Major: Psychology
Year in school: Junior
Focus: Educational Equity, Health Justice, Racial Equity 

Contact Kendyl:


Noah Apprill-Sokol, he/him

Hometown: St. Louis, MO 
Major: Political Science & Sociology 
Year in school: Sophomore
Focus: Voter Education, Sustainability Immigration Justice

Contact Noah:


Syvana Arwood, she/her

Hometown: Spokane, WA
Major: Psychology 
Year in school: Junior
Focus: Intercultural Education, Sustainability, Mental Health Awareness, Indigenous Rights, Reproductive Justice

Contact Syvana: 


Abby Morioka, she/they

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Major: Psychology 
Year in school: Sophomore
Focus: Mental Health Awareness, LGBTQ+ Rights, Gender Inequities, Disability Justice

Contact Abby: