Social Justice Peer Educators

What is a Social Justice Peer Educator (SJPE)?

The role of the Social Justice Peer Educator (SJPE) is to provide education, resources, and support to GU students regarding diversity, inclusion, and social justice. SJPEs live on-campus and focus their efforts on their assigned residence block with their Residence Director (RD) and DICE supervisors providing support and guidance.

Examples of ways an SJPE might spend their time in this position:

  • Presenting a workshop on identity for a student group with a co-SJPE
  • Hosting a panel on social justice leadership for your building
  • Preparing an infographic for your block on how to confront bias
  • Attending a training opportunity to further your social justice education
  • Connecting with residents, RAs, RDs, & DICE staff about the issues that are impacting campus most urgently


Compensation & Benefits:

  • Room Fee Waiver
  • One SJPE assigned per residential block
  • Building and block placement is at the discretion of HRL and DICE.
  • $1,000 paid through bi-weekly paychecks following Gonzaga’s pay schedule
  • 30 Sodexo swipes for $175 or 10 Sodexo swipes for $65
  • Available only to students who are not required to purchase a meal plan


Meet this year's Social Justice Peer Educators!

Portrait of Red Kwenda


Red Kwenda, they/them/theirs

Hometown: Tacoma, WA
Major: Integrated Media
Year in school: Sophomore

Block: Coughlin

I’m from Spokane where I’ve lived for the past four years. Counting Washington, I’ve lived in five different states and three time zones. My hobbies include binge watching TV shows, composing, and taking walks around town with friends. I really enjoy meeting people and learning from them, and I’m always open for conversation.


Portrait of Mae Cramer

Mae Cramer, she/her/hers

Hometown: Lynnwood, WA
Major: Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies
Year in school: Sophomore

Block: Northwest

Hi! I’m Mae and I am beyond thrilled to be one of the SJPE’s this year. I am from Lynnwood, WA and come from a family of all girls. I have always been a social justice advocate and am constantly looking for ways to get involved. I love hanging out with friends doing pretty much anything. I also have a  love for planning and reading. 


Portrait of Madi Roening

Madi Roening, she/her/hers

Hometown: Port Angeles, WA
Major: Biology
Year in school: Sophomore

Block: East-Central

Hi! My name is Madilyn Roening, but I go by Madi. My pronouns are She/Her/Hers. I’m from Port Angeles, Washington and I’ve loved growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Some of my hobbies include softball, soccer, reading, and studying! I can’t wait to be this years SJPE and I hope to make a difference on campus!


Portrait of Jackie

Jackie Gaither, she/her/hers

Hometown: Port Angeles, WA
Major: Criminology and Communication Studies
Year in school: Junior

Block: South-East

My name is Jackie and I am a nerd for poetry and social justice! I love to have challenging conversations and meeting and building new connections!


Portrait of Dashane Fugate

DaShane Fugate, she/her/hers

Hometown: Kent, WA
Major: Sociology and Criminology
Year in school: Senior

Block: Midwest

I'm a rising senior studying sociology and criminology. In addition to my role as a SJPE, I am a case manager at an emergency shelter called Family Promise of Spokane. In my free time, I enjoy going for walks/drives around Spokane as well as indoor cycling classes.

Sanskruti Tomar, they/them/theirs