Dialogue Programs

“Dialogue... is a conversation with a center, not sides. It is a way of taking the energy of our differences and channeling it toward something that has never been created before.” William Isaacs, Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together

 Welcome to UMEC’s Dialogue Programs! At UMEC, we offer both one-time and sustained opportunities for students, faculty and staff to join together in community conversations about topics of social justice and identity. 

  • Dialogue Skill Building Sessions: In each session, we will focus on building a specific technique or skill to strengthen our ability to facilitate difficult dialogues including topics such as addressing potentially upsetting statements, managing triggering moments, asking strong questions, and restarting conversations. 
  • Dialogue Programs Summer Academy: This 4 day academy was offered for the first time in May of 2021. The purpose of the academy was to introduce dialogic techniques to faculty and staff for use in classroom management, student supervision, and advising.  52 faculty and staff from Gonzaga gathered virtually to cover topics such as identity, socialization, multipartiality in facilitation, microaggressions and bias, and bringing emotion into our work in both large group and small cohort sessions.

Find out about our co-curricular and curricular options