Mary Calderon

Photo of Thomas More Scholar Mary Calderon 

Community is my inspiration for what I hope to achieve throughout my law school and legal career. I hope to further my love for public interest and explore how the legal field serves others, outside of the experiences that I have had. I look forward to all that the Gonzaga and Spokane communities hold.

This love for community and faith led me to the University of Notre Dame for my undergraduate career. I graduated from Notre Dame in Spring 2016 with a degree in Management Entrepreneurship. Since then, I served with Jesuit Volunteer Corps and AmeriCorps in Alaska with the Alaska Public Defender Agency (PDA). My time with the agency continues to inspire me to be a hard-working, passionate student and lawyer. My previous co-workers are some of the most passionate lawyers I have had the privilege of knowing and working alongside. My time in Alaska also gave me a love for the Pacific Northwest (PNW) – a region that I’ve found to value others and the outdoors.

I am happy to call the PNW my new home. Nonetheless, I am proud to say that I am Arizona born and raised. My parents, also from Arizona, have shown me the importance of home ties, and continuing to support your community. My home made me who I am today. I am a person who loves the smell of desert rain, colorful sunsets, and the great outdoors. Most of all, my mother is my inspiration in everything. She enforced the value of community as she worked as a full-time judge and part-time Girl Scout troop leader and substitute school nurse. She gives her whole heart and time to those in her life, which has been my aim throughout my academic and service career.

My current goal is to advocate for those who are not so often given a chance or the benefit of the doubt. This could range from advocating for prisoners’ rights to arguing appeals for the wrongly convicted. This is because I found my clients in the PDA to be people that I thoroughly enjoyed serving. All in all, I hope to find my innate passion and calling as I learn and grow at Gonzaga University School of Law.