Areas of Focus

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Discover your path.

Choosing which area of law is right for you is an important and personal journey. At Gonzaga Law, you’ll be encouraged to explore your opportunities, discover your strengths, and expose where your passions lie. You will even have an opportunity to apply your skills to actual cases by participating in your choice of six clinics, each focusing on a different area of practice. Many students say the hands-on skills acquired in The Clinic provided them with the confidence to get ahead. Explore Gonzaga Law’s areas of focus below.

Areas of focus and professor emphasis:

Public Interest:

  • Mary Pat Treuthart
  • Genevieve Mann

Family Law:

  • Kim Pearson
  • Gail Hammer

Elder Law:

  • Ann Murphy

Business Law:

  • Dan Morrissey
  • Stephen Sepinuck

Education Law:

  • Lynn Daggett


  • Mary Pat Treuthart


  • Ann Murphy
  • Jennifer Gellner

Environmental Law:

  • Rick Eichstaedt

Criminal Law:

  • Brooks Holland
  • Jason Gillmer

Intellectual Property:

  • Jessica Kiser
  • Chris Culberson
  • David Daggett.
  • Chris Lynch

Transactional Law:

  • Stephen Sepinuck

International Law:

  • Upendra Acharya

Immigration Law:

  • Megan Ballard
  • Jason Gillmer

Legal Research:

  • Lisa Bradley
  • Sandra Simpson
  • Kevin Shelley
  • Heidi Holland

Constitutional Law:

  • Mary Pat Treuthart
  • Jason Gillmer
  • Brooks Holland

Employment Law:

  • Jane Korn

Wills and Trusts Law:

  • Megan Ballard