M. A. Teaching English as a Second Language

A teacher helping young students

 The Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language (M.A. TESL) Program prepares you for a career as an ESL teacher or language specialist who helps students develop skills for diverse and global societies. The program also offers opportunities for current and future foreign language teachers who want to more deeply explore how language is learned and taught.

Courses integrate theory and practice to build your knowledge on language and its use, the interrelationships of cultures, teaching methods and language acquisition. You will work collaboratively with faculty and classmates to explore new ideas on learning and teaching. Hands-on projects and other field-based learning opportunities prepare you to plan, teach, reflect, research and lead in schools and the community.

Our multicultural learning community is made up of students of all backgrounds, professional goals and language abilities. This exposure to diverse perspectives will help you better understand issues of second language acquisition and learning and teaching in a global society.

We also encourage student and faculty research and critical reflection on the form and substance of language learning and teaching. Through these projects, you could help contribute to the field’s understanding of language, the factors of communication and community building.