Instructors work with students at Gonzaga's Summer Language Camp.

Certificate in English Language Learning

Gain knowledge and teaching skills to support English language learners

The School of Education is pleased to offer K-12 educators a Certificate in English Language Learning in preparation for an ELL endorsement in Washington State. Through classroom learning, experiential learning and interaction with a diverse peer group, you’ll gain knowledge and skills to support multilingual learners in various subjects, including math and science. Enhance your teaching practice with cultural and linguistic knowledge while creating more equitable classroom experiences for your English language learners.

An instructor works with students at Gonzaga's Summer Language Camp.

What you'll learn

  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of concepts, theories and research from applied linguistics, second language acquisition and literacy development.
  • Apply strategies that incorporate cultural and linguistic diversity to ensure equity in teaching and learning.
  • Recognize linguistic and cultural biases of teaching, curricula and assessment instruments when determining classroom practices English language learners.
  • Understand how your ethnicity, culture and socioeconomic status influence your teaching practices.
  • Distinguish between characteristics of typical language development and potential special education needs.

Instructors work with students at Gonzaga's Summer Language Camp.


  • Cost: $8,900 (Note: discount for bulk enrollment by district)
  • Duration: 1.5 years Credits: 14 CE credits
  • Format: In-person and Zoom
    •  Interested in a fully online version of this certificate? Let us know!
  • Lead Instructor: Dr. James Hunter | Read bio
  • Questions: Request info

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