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You will begin assisting and teaching in ESL classes in your first year. You are mentored and observed by more experienced students and faculty members. You will help teach two classes over the course of a semester.

During your second year, you have the opportunity to run the Gonzaga ESL Community Outreach (GECO) program. You will gain hands-on experience facilitating curriculum building for the ESL classes and promoting the program to the community.  This builds leadership skills, classroom management as well as marketing and recruitment experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding of the nature and structure of language, and the structure of English, on phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic, discourse and pragmatic levels.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the process of language acquisition and its effects on language learning.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the socio-cultural contexts in which languages are acquired and their effects on communication and language learning.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to diverse cultures both within and outside the United States, and knowledge of the role English has played and plays in the world.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of course design, curriculum development, and language assessment.
  • Demonstrate understanding of principles of language pedagogy, and ability to apply them effectively in a variety of teaching contexts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to express thoughts in writing and orally; to develop and support ideas, synthesize information, present information clearly in papers and oral presentations, and to follow conventions of the discipline for citations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how research is conducted in the field and an ability to conduct and analyze their own research.


  • 36 Credits

Required Core Courses

  • 30 Credits
  • MTSL 504: Introduction to Sociolinguistics - 3 credits
  • MTSL 508: Principles of Second Language Acquisition - 3 credits
  • MTSL 514: Literacy and English Language Learners - 3 credits
  • MTSL 559: Language Awareness - 0 Credits
  • MTSL 510: Design, Evaluation and Assessment in ESL Classrooms - 3 credits
  • MTSL 517: Phonology Workshop - 1 credit
  • MTSL 610: Practicum - 3 credits
  • MTSL 680: Professional Seminar - 1 credit
  • MTSL 502: Pedagogical Grammar - 3 credits
  • MTSL 501: Theory and Practice of Language Teaching - 3 credits*
  • MTSL 580: TESOL practicum - 1 credit*
  • MTSL 600: Research Perspectives in Second Language Education - 3 credits
  • MTSL 602: Master’s Research Thesis - 3 credits OR
  • MTSL 604: Master’s Research Projects - 3 credits

Electives- Choose 2

  • 6 Credits
  • MTSL 503: Immigrant and Refugee Perspectives - 3 credits
  • MTSL 516: Technology in Second-Language Education - 3 credits
  • MTSL 570: History of the English Language - 3 credits
  • MTSL 509: Academic Writing for International Graduate Students - 3 credits

*MTSL 501 and MTSL 580 make up the TESOL Summer Institute. Students will earn these credits by assisting and teaching ESL students from Spokane District 81. These courses can also be taken as a Study Abroad Course.




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