Principal Certification

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Prepare for Principal Certification

Gonzaga University’s Principal Certificate program prepares you for the opportunities and challenges you will face leading a PK-12 school.

Becoming a principal is more than just being an effective administrator and supervisor, it’s about understanding the big picture and working with multiple stakeholders to improve student success and reach school, district and state goals.

We understand how the ethos of a school heavily influences student achievement and our program helps you design a plan that involves faculty, parents and collaboration in order to build a sense of community, giving you and your school the tools to address difficult issues and improve conditions of not only your students and colleagues but the entire community.

Why Gonzaga

Cura Personalis

  • “Care for the Whole Person” this is a Jesuit value steeped in every aspect of Gonzaga. We believe that education at any level is much more than you sitting listening to a professor and taking notes. We emphasize your emotional, spiritual, physical and moral development so you can become more aware, capable and creative.


  • You will gain a more holistic approach to challenging, giving consideration or discernment to multiple possible courses of action all which have their positives and negatives.

School Leadership Development

  • Our two online courses, in person retreats, and internships are designed to immerse you in real-case scenarios, so you are prepared to excel in a formal school leadership position.

Goal Support

  • Our knowledgeable faculty, supervisors, and local mentors are committed to your success and support your professional goals.

Individualized Attention

  • Our cohort style means our expert faculty have the time to engage in your success while you develop your future professional community.


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