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Interdisciplinary Arts

The study of interdisciplinary arts expands a student's problem solving, critical reflection and innovative thinking through combining the strengths of theatre, dance, visual arts, and music. The Interdisciplinary Arts minor gives students a solid foundation and knowledge in these art forms and integrates the arts in a new and exciting way. This minor also allows students, such as those in STEM majors, to integrate valuable arts experience into their skill set, increasing their creative capacity and expressiveness.

This unique minor offers arts-based research skills, focusing less on product and more on the creative process. A student will complete the minor being able to think creatively, innovatively and be confident in their ability to tackle any problem from a number of angles.

Lily by Löie Fuller

The Theatre and Dance Department celebrated the inaugural year of the Interdisciplinary Arts Minor with the work of Löie Fuller, a modern dance pioneer and interdisciplinary artist from the turn of the last century.