• Gonzaga University is building a new, collaborative science and engineering facility
  • 82,679 square feet will be added to the 29,138 square feet of PACCAR, the 78,240 square feet of Herak and the 80,433 square feet of Hughes to create a 270,490 square-foot combined science and engineering space
  • Connecting the west end of PACCAR Center to the south end of Hughes Hall
  • Dedicated to innovation in teaching, learning and undergraduate research
  • Transparent spaces will put science and engineering on display, encouraging engagement with the entire community
  • Students of all majors will experience this facility through core curriculum classes
  • Intentionally placed near the headquarters of the College of Arts and Sciences — home to the University core — elements of the core curriculum will be delivered in this facility, allowing students the opportunity to engage in integrated environments to solve problems, create commerce, and explore disciplines of innovation and entrepreneurship, all balanced with a heart and mind for the common good


  • SRG Partnership Inc. of Portland, Oregon is the lead architect, along with Integrus Architecture of Spokane, Washington; Research Facilities Design of San Diego, California; MW Engineers of Spokane, and DCI Engineers of Spokane.


  • Walker Construction, Spokane

Science and engineering facility
(Computer rendering of the facility's south-facing entrance)


  • Laboratory spaces including:
    • Future research labs
    • CS/CPEN senior project lab
    • Engineering research lab
    • Mechanical research labs
    • Circuits lab
    • Innovation lab
    • Student projects wet lab
    • Electronics student projects lab
    • Molecular biology biochem lab
    • Faculty student research labs
    • Student projects dry lab
    • Structures lab
    • Math lab
    • Environmental biology lab
    • Engineering wet lab
    • Computing spaces
    • Advanced computing
    • Optics lab
  • An innovation studio
  • Open study spaces
  • Classrooms
  • Faculty offices
  • A conference room
  • A terrace
  • A lobby

Naming opportunities are available for many of the spaces listed above. Please contact us for information about how you can support Gonzaga student impacts through benefaction. 

Aerial rendering

Science and engineering arial view

Exterior rendering (along Cataldo Way)

Science and engineering building exterior

Student project space rendering 

Student project space

Innovation studio rendering

Innovation studio

Computer rendering - south aerial view

Arial South View

Computer rendering - Cataldo Way view

View from Cataldo Way

Computer rendering - alternate Cataldo Way view

Alternate view from Cataldo Way

Draft upper level floor plan

Upper Level Floor Plan

Draft ground level floor plan

Ground Level Floor Plan

Draft lower level floor plan

Lower Level Floor Plan

  Download Draft Floor Plans & Renderings

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