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SEAS is proud to encourage the students driving opportunities for academic growth, professional development, career advancement, community engagement, and service for others. Choose any club or professional chapter to learn more about their activities and actions.

 ASCE students at the 2018 Regional Conference, holding their "Golden Putter" first-prize award from the Concrete Putter competition.

The GU Student Chapter of ASCE assists aspiring civil engineering students in reaching their educational and professional development goals. The chapter does this by participating in informative projects, technical presentations and project site visits, maintaining an active relationship with the local professional engineering community, and participating in a wide variety of engineering service projects.

Generally, ASCE sponsors 3-5 field trips per year to construction sites and infrastructure projects, as well as sites of local or historical significance. We also participate in service learning programs. Most importantly, ASCE connects students to the real world of engineering.

2018 ASCE Officers

Faculty Advisor: Sue Niezgoda


Advisor McKenny, guest speaker/alum Dannielle Haraldson, and the 2017-18 board members

The GU Student Chapter of ASEM merges the technological savvy of engineering design with the skills of business management, executing projects from conception to completion. The chapter's goal is to expose students to the engineering industry, preparing them to succeed. Collaboration across all disciplines in the engineering industry is paramount to innovative solutions to difficult problems. ASEM highly encourages each member to collaborate with other campus clubs and their projects to help implement managerial tactics and technical skills.

Faculty Advisor: Peter McKenny


Members of ASME at their final Spring 2018 meeting with one of the rockets created during the academic year.

The GU Student Chapter of ASME gives students the chance to participate in hands-on projects, learn about regional and national engineering events and opportunities, and network with fellow students. Their current goal is to build a rocket capable of competing in the 2019 Spaceport America Cup, an annual collegiate rocket competition in New Mexico.

Faculty Advisor: Tailian Chen


RoboSub project members during a test in January 2018.

The Robotics club provides all students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience, creating a collaborative learning environment. A current project goal is competing in the annual RoboSub competition.

Advisor: Patrick Nowacki


The Gonzaga Women in Computing Club was established to support women enrolled in computer science courses. The club officers schedule bi-weekly meetings and events designed to educate and create an encouraging community for women in computing. The club is a vibrant social network consisting of current students, alumni, and friends of the Gonzaga computing programs.


IEEE Club officers for 2018

The GU Student Chapter of IEEE develops well-rounded engineers with a broad spectrum of skills with hands-on and cross-disciplinary experience.

Faculty Advisor: Peter McKenny


Material Advantage club members at the 2018 SAMPE Student Bridge Contest with their I-beam made of carbon fiber.

Material Advantage is designed to increase student exposure to materials science and engineering. The group is structured around industry exposure, hands-on projects, research experience, and service in our community. These pillars were chosen to optimize members' experience and exposure to the Materials Science and Engineering industry.

Faculty Advisor: Patrick Ferro


Some of the SAE club members with their 2018 off-road vehicle.

The GU Student Chapter of SAE pursues student-run projects, primarily designing and building a Baja car to compete in an international competition. We as a club decide on projects, gaining hands-on experience in the machine shop. No engineering, machining, or automotive experience is required, all majors are welcome!

Advisor: Marc Baumgardner


SWE members listen to presentations on internships at a 2018 meeting.

SWE helps female engineers to achieve their full potential as both engineers and leaders, expands the image of the engineering profession, and demonstrates the value of diversity. The organization is open to all interested students regardless of gender or major, promoting advocacy and diversity.

Faculty Advisor: Sara Ganzerli


The GU Student Chapter of Tau Beta Pi recognizes the achievements of junior and senior class-standing students pursuing a degree in engineering, and provides resources for members to further their education and career success. At Gonzaga, all Tau Beta Pi members help in providing free tutoring to other students in the School of Engineering and also take part in volunteering around in the Spokane Community. 

Tau Beta Pi officers

Tau Beta Pi 2017-18 officers

Faculty Advisors: Joshua Schultz and Alex Maxwell


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