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Which course study fits your passions? Explore degree options from Gonzaga's School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Student surveying campusCivil Engineering surrounds us. Beyond designing, constructing, and maintaining our buildings and bridges, civil engineers create the systems that make life better: clean water, waste disposal, disaster recovery, smart infrastructure. It's the very foundation of modern society, the hopes of impoverished communities, and our path towards a greener future.


Computer Engineering classCombining strengths from electrical engineering and computer science, computer engineers are at the forefront of invention. Their work leads to faster and smarter computers, new software applications, and technology advances in such fields as robotics, medical instruments, autonomous vehicles and design of many of the devices that impact daily life.


Student in power labElectrical engineers have been involved in the design of modern conveniences such as iPads and green energy efficient electric vehicles to complex wireless communication systems and smart grid technologies. They are also responsible for the design and development of the electrical electric motors, controls, lighting, and wiring in buildings, automobiles, aircraft, and GPS navigation systems. Some electrical engineers apply their expertise in non-engineering jobs such as purchasing, sales, law, human resources, K-12 education, and consulting.


student working with machine in lab Mechanical engineers transform ideas into tangible realities. Practically every product used today involved a mechanical engineer to analyze prototypes and design its manufacture. This discipline applies knowledge of engineering, physics, and materials towards the creation of every machine, ranging from the largest aircraft to the smallest sensor.

computer science
Built on a foundation of science, mathematics, intensive programming, and computer architecture, the Computer Science program at Gonzaga offers the major a broad range of advanced computer science topics. These include artificial intelligence, computer graphics, robotics, computer networks, database management systems, cryptography, computer security, and natural language processing. Exceptional students can assist faculty in their research on sensor networks, speech recognition, database management systems, and mathematical modeling.


Engineering ManagementIf you enjoy bringing order to chaos, are entrepreneurial, or find the “big picture” intriguing, then Engineering Management may be a good fit for you. Managing engineering technologies will position you at the interface between engineering and business: project management, new product introduction, quality improvement, technology portfolio management. Strong engineering fundamentals combined with Gonzaga’s core courses will enable you to transform engineering ideas into reality.


transmission distribution Modern society depends on a steady electric supply. No matter how it's generated (wind, solar, water, gas, coal) it needs to travel safely to an end customer. Transmission and Distribution is the critical field responsible for electric lines, transformers, and the "smart-grid" technology that efficiently gets electric power to users.


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