woman applies medical device to another woman's arm

B.S. Biomedical Engineering

Designing better health through technology

Dream of designing surgical robots? Fascinated by life-saving machines or artificial organs? Interested in designing new biomaterials - materials that can be safely implanted in a living body? Be among Gonzaga's first Biomechanical Engineers!

Biomedical engineers design the technology that improves health care. Gonzaga's new degree program blends a SEAS engineering and computer science curriculum with courses in biology, human physiology, and biochemistry. Engineers use knowledge from the sciences and medical profession to design new products or tools that can advance medical care.

As the technical courses show you how living and non-living systems interact, your Gonzaga core courses guide you through biomedical engineering's ethical dimensions. Rooted in the Jesuit philosophy of critical thinking and care of the whole person, the Gonzaga degree experience prepares you to make a meaningful impact in healthcare technology.

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