The Ride Along Podcast

The Ride Along, with Campus Security and Public Safety, is hosted by Officer Phil Tyler and has been developed to inform the GU community about resources available to students, staff, and faculty, both on and off campus. This podcast also seeks to build intentional relationships with our listeners by sharing stories, expertise and the “why” of our guests, as it relates to their profession and passions.

We want to teach safety, inspire change, and build community.
Philip Tyler, CSPS Officer
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Season 1 Episodes

Dr. Gomez
In this inaugural episode Fese Elango, GSBA President, discusses women in leadership and the importance of representation.
Headshot of Taylor Jordan
In this episode, Taylor Jordan, Clery Compliance/BIT Compliance/COVID-19 Coordinator, discusses her multiple roles/duties, the impact on the students and university, and representation of women in the historically male dominated fields.
Becky Wilkey
Becky Wilkey talks about women in leadership, her journey, and the importance of representation.