Keeping the Community Informed

Incident Reports & Security Alerts

Incident reports written by Campus Security officers, reports made to Student Development staff and other University officials and information gathered from the Spokane Police Department, are used to track activity on campus. In this way, trends can be detected and appropriate response formulated. When conditions warrant it, a "Security Alert" is sent to the University community via email. If appropriate, the "Security Alert" is also posted on campus bulletin boards. These timely reports inform the community about situations that present an immediate, serious, or continuing threat to the community. A "Security Alert" may be issued for crimes specifically covered by the federal Campus Security Act (see later section). A lower priority "Security Notice" is issued when trends or patterns of crime are seen, particularly involving property crimes. The Security Department is responsible for issuing "Security Alerts" and the determination of whether an alert is warranted is the joint responsibility of Security administrators and Student Development professionals such as the Vice President for Student Development.

Campo Blog

The Campus Security & Public Safety Department also maintains a Weblog or blog called "CAMPO". CAMPO (Latin for campus) is the shorthand name Gonzaga students use for Campus Security. The goal of CAMPO is to share information with students, staff, faculty, parents, neighbors, and community partners on a daily basis regarding crime, crime prevention, and campus security & safety issues at Gonzaga and in the Logan Neighborhood. You can visit CAMPO at