Campus Patrols

Campus Security & Public Safety officers provide proactive patrol of the campus and University area designed to detect and deter crime and facilitate a safe environment for the people and property of our community. CSPS officers  patrol the campus on foot, by car, and bicycle. Periodic checks are made of all University buildings on campus and lock-up services are provided. Patrol in and around the residence halls is a priority.

Security Escorts

Campus Security & Public Safety officers can provide a security escort to any area on campus, as well as a portion of the Logan neighborhood adjacent to GU. We can't give escorts to bars, businesses, downtown, etc. For a security escort, please call 509-313-2222. 

Responding to Incidents

Campus Security Officers respond to a variety of incidents on campus including fire alarms, medical calls, and reports of criminal activity. Officers receive on-going  training, tailored to their role in a campus environment. 

It is important to note that CSPS officers have the same arrest powers as private citizens. Criminal activity and requests for police service that are outside the authority of CSPS officers are directed to the Spokane Police Department. CSPS officers work in conjunction with Residence Hall staff, the University administration and local police to enforce and seek compliance with Gonzaga policies, state laws and local ordinances.

Crime Prevention

Preventing crime is a team effort involving all Gonzaga community members: staff, faculty, students, neighbors, and our visitors. Our goal is to share accurate information in a timely manner with our community regarding crime, crime prevention, and campus security & safety issues. In doing so, our hope is that this education will help each of us to make good decisions regarding our own personal safety and the safety of others.