Bicycle Registration




No one likes to consider the prospect of a stolen bike, but a little preparation can save you a lot of trouble should it ever happen. Registering your bike with Campus Security & Public Safety allows our team to help recover your bike if it is stolen. Provide basic information about yourself and your bike below then come to our office in Huetter Mansion to pick up a registration sticker for your bike or ask for a sticker from an officer around campus. In the case that your bike is stolen and recovered, we’ll be able to make sure it makes its way back to you.

To register your bicycle, fill in the following form and press the Submit button. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact the Campus Security & Public Safety Department at (509) 313-3996.

Completion of all fields is required for registration. You will receive a confirmation email from the Gonzaga University Security & Public Safety Department which includes a registration number. You may also update or cancel a previously registered bicycle with the Gonzaga University Security & Public Safety Department by selecting the appropriate checkboxes at the end of the form.