Report an Incident or Contact Us

Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault

The Acting Director & Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Robin Kelley, can be reached by calling 509-313-6013, by email at, or by making an appointment to meet in person at the office located in the Business Services Building located at 102 E. Boone Ave. Visit the Report an Incident Title IX page for online reporting and more information.

Harassment and Discrimination

Fill out a Harassment and Discrimination Incident Report Form.

To make a report in person, on the phone or by email, please call the Office of Inclusive Excellence at:

Phone: 509-313-5873
Location: Business Services Center 

A University official may contact you for additional information about the incident, to discuss options, and address immediate needs you have for assistance.

Anonymous Reporting
By choosing to make an anonymous report, Gonzaga may be limited in our ability to respond to a report of harassment or discrimination. 

Student of Concern

A student of concern is any student who is displaying behaviors that may get in the way of a student's ability to be successful in the University environment.

Sometimes small changes in behaviors or attitude are the first indicator that a student may need more assistance.  Other times, behaviors are being noticed by many members of our community and creating a significant amount of concern.  The Student of Concern form is one way you can share that you are concerned about a student. 

Someone from the Center for Cura Personalis, or their designee, will reach out to provide the student with support and resources.  If you would prefer to discuss your concern with someone directly, you can call the Center for Cura Personalis at 509-313-2227.

Identify a "Student of Concern".