Ministry Institute participants. 

Program Opportunities at Ministry Institute

The Ministry Institute brings men and women together from a variety of locations and backgrounds.

Some are discerning a call to priesthood, diaconate, and religious life or preparing to enter a seminary. Others are preparing for lay ministry in the Church. Some are professional ministers, ordained and lay, who are taking a break from active ministry to develop their skills for more effective ministry. All share a common commitment and use the resources of Gonzaga University and the Spokane community for personal enrichment, academic education and pastoral training.

For all of these, the Ministry Institute provides a setting where small community living is a supportive environment for personal growth, broadening of intellectual horizons, deepening of spirituality, and honing of ministerial skills.

The Ministry Institute's programs are semester-based.

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Academic Program

Theological courses taught at Gonzaga University.

Formation Program

The Ministry Institute sponsors conferences and workshops to augment University classes.

Sabbatical Program

Designed to meet the needs of each participant who has come "to rest" in God's renewing love and Spirit.

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