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The Dance Program is part of the Theatre and Dance Department. A Gonzaga University minor in dance exposes students to various styles of dance, the thrill of performance and the dynamics of teaching dance in an elementary after-school program.

Gonzaga Dance History


As early as the 15th century, the great Renaissance educator who revolutionized educational practice in this day was also the educator of the Gonzaga family, Vittorino da Feltre, promoted the use of physical education as part of the humanistic educational tradition he was developing. In physical education, he used athletic games to build strength and teach his students the elements of warfare. Alongside those competitive games, however, he taught dance in order to teach his students physical grace and an appreciation of beauty.


Gonzaga University has always offered a number of dance classes, primarily through the Theatre Arts Program. In 2002 the Theatre Arts Program produced the first Spring Dance Concert to enthusiastic audiences. In 2005, the Academic Council approved the new addition of a dance minor to the Theatre Arts Program. In 2007 we moved into our beautiful new studios where the program continued to flourish. Since then we've introduced the dance club Boundless, the Dance for Parkinson's service project, and more. The demand for dance and opportunity from the students is immense and grows each year. While the number of dance minors steadily grows each year, the Gonzaga Academic Dance Program encourages everyone to get involved with dance! 

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