Carlos Ramirez Mazuera


Carlos Ramirez Mazuera

Home Country: Venezuela
: Junior
Major: Business 

Why you chose Gonzaga?

When I came to Gonzaga for the first time, I felt like there was a sense of community and welcomeness. I thought Gonzaga was going to be a place where I could feel like home, and I was right. Additionally, I thought Gonzaga had the right faculty, programs and adequate class ratio. All of this made me think that Gonzaga was the best place for me to get the best education possible.
What you are involved in on campus/activities you like to do?

I am a person that like being involved in a lot of things. I love playing sports. I do club tennis, which is a big part of my free time. Also, I play soccer every now and then with friends. On the other side, as an international student I am involved with cultural clubs and offices. I am a member of the international student union (ISU), I participate with CGE activities with other international students, and I help with the Spanish Café.