Engineering & Computer Science


The Engineering and Computer Science LLC invites first-year Engineering and Computer Science majors to pursue broad, meaningful experiences beyond the classroom that prepare students to contribute innovative solutions for a better world.

Fast Facts:

In partnership with Gonzaga’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Engineering and Computer Science LLC invites students who are interested in careers in engineering and applied sciences to live and learn together. Residents in the Engineering and Computer Science LLC often share core classes and find peer support in their courses and academic pursuits through the LLC. Outside of the classroom, students are provided with numerous co-curricular opportunities to expand, apply, and integrate their knowledge through activities and programs.

  • Corridor/Traditional Style Living in Coughlin Hall
  • Open to First-Year Students
  • Collaborative Study Spaces
  • Peer Mentor with Engineering or Applied Sciences Major

“I love being a part of the Engineering LLC because it provides me a living space to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share my passion and drive towards Engineering and are always there if needed. There are countless benefits to being a part of this LLC, from living in a great and modern suite style building right on campus and just feeling safe and comfortable in what seems like our own, private community!" – Devin Franke, 2021-22 Resident

Values and Learning Outcomes:

  1. Engage in opportunities to work with others and recognize alternative perspectives outside of the classroom.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills through challenges presented in collaborative group work.
  3. Discuss the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the engineering profession.
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to collaboration, assessment, and continuous improvement.
  5. Describe how the Gonzaga mission and Jesuit pedagogy relates to the field of engineering and computer science.