Zags Help Zags

The Zags Help Zags program encourages Gonzaga community members to promote well-being and to take action in preventing physical, mental and emotional harm.

What is Zags Help Zags?

Zags Help Zags is a program coordinated by the Office for Health Promotion that helps develop students, faculty, and staff members to be active bystanders who step in to make a positive difference in the Gonzaga community. 

As a Jesuit University, we have a commitment to the dignity of the human person and strive to be in service to others. We aim to find proactive ways to establish healthy community norms, as well as identify strategies when challenging situations do arise.

When you see something dangerous or potentially harmful occurring, you have options on how to react. The Zags Help Zags program takes into consideration that stepping in can be hard. We are all unique, so our intervention strategies should be too!

Know that you have options for acting, but that we want you to remember to CARE for your fellow Zag. Step in and do something in a way that feels safe for you:

  • Create a distraction.
  • Ask directly.   
  • Refer to an expert.
  • Enlist others to help.

It doesn’t have to be a huge moment, but if you see something, say something. Because that's what Zags do—we CARE for each other. 

How can I learn more?

Opportunities for Gonzaga community members to learn appropriate and responsible bystander intervention skills include workshops, presentations, trainings, and other community events.

Students, faculty, or staff members may contact OHP for more information.