Alcohol & Other Drugs

While many students choose not to use alcohol or other drugs while at Gonzaga, some do. Below is a variety of recourses and apps to help you learn more, explore recovery, or reduce your risk of harm if you choose to use substances. 

Interested in talking with a nonjudgmental supporter on campus about your substance use? Learn more about opportunities available, like meeting with a Health Educator to discuss alcohol, other drugs, harm reduction strategies, making a change, recovery, supporting a friend and more. Check out our website for more information like how to get in touch. 

Drinking does not define what it means to be a Zag. Many students at Gonzaga do not drink, but if you do, explore these resources to learn more about the impacts of alcohol and tips for how to consume in less risky ways. 


360 Proof Personal Feedback Index - A free, anonymous screening tool that gives you feedback about your alcohol use as well as on-campus resources and support. 

College Drinking Prevention - Information on alcohol use specifically for college students. Includes alcohol myths, BAC calculators, and resources on helping a friend who may be struggling with their alcohol use. 
Standard Drink Sizes – Not all drinks are created equal. Learning about what equals one standard drink can reduce your risk of harm.  
Community Resources and Support Groups - There are multiple support groups online, on campus, and in Spokane related to alcohol use and addiction. 

The BAR Lab Experiment - Does alcohol help break the ice? Researchers at UW put this question to the test, and what they found out may surprise you.

APPS - Helps you track drinks in real time and understand the effects alcohol is having on your body. Free on iTunes. 

While most Gonzaga students choose not to use cannabis, it is legal for some folks in Washington. Understanding more about cannabis and identifying resources can help people cut back or quit, make informed decisions, and lead a healthy lifestyle.


The 12 Questions - Twelve questions from Marijuana Anonymous to help you identify if cannabis is becoming a problem in your life.

Drug Facts: Marijuana - Science-based information on cannabis including the impact of cannabis use.

eCHECKUP TO GO Cannabis - A brief, anonymous assessment to learn more about your individual marijuana use and how it compares to other students.

Marijuana on Campus - Information on cannabis use on college campuses and things to consider as a college student if you choose to use.

T-Break Guide - A complete guide for cannabis users who wish to take a tolerance break or stop using, including a self-assessment and daily programs to support making a change.


Marijuana Anonymous Mobile. Free on iTunes.


Educating yourself about drugs can help you reflect on the role that you may or may not want substances to play in your life.  Learn more about related risks and resources available to support students who want to make changes or stop using drugs. 
Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction - Information on treatment approaches that are available to help individuals with substance use disorders. - This website from the UW Alcohol & Drug Abuse Initiative offers information on what to do in the event of a suspected opioid overdose.


Some students identify that substance use has become an issue in their life and decide that living a sober lifestyle better aligns with their goals. Check out these recourses and apps to start exploring recovery. 


Community Resources and Support Groups - There are multiple support groups online, on campus, and in Spokane related to alcohol use and addiction. 
What is Addiction? - A resource to help understand the difference between use and addiction, statistics on addiction, and the costs of substance use. 
Recovery Campus - An online magazine for college students with articles and resources on substance use, recovery, and well-being.  


I Am Sober - A motivational sobriety toolset with goal setting, daily reflections and group-chats. Free on Android and iTunes. 
RecoveryBox - Sobriety toolset with goal setting, daily reflections, accountability tools, trigger tracking, and rewards for reaching achievements. $1.99 on iTunes. 

12 Steps AA Companion - Companion to Alcoholics Anonymous including Big Book reader, search tool, sobriety calculator, notes, and an AA contacts database. $1.99 on Android & $2.99 on iTunes. 
Marijuana Anonymous - Official 12 step recovery app of Marijuana Anonymous.  Free on Android and iTunes. 

NA Recovery Companion - Companion to support recovering addicts in their daily lives. Includes clean time calculator, daily planner, daily meditations, meeting locator, and group reading cards. $2.99 on Android and iTunes.