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New experiences are an integral part of the college experience: a fresh start away from home, newfound freedom as an adult, emerging friendships, and new relationships. Whether platonic, romantic or the relationship with oneself, building and maintaining relationships can be challenging. It is essential to understand what healthy relationships look and feel like, as well as able to recognize the warning signs of one that may have become unhealthy. Below are some resources to help you navigate the newfound relationships you develop here at Gonzaga.


10 Signs of Healthy Relationships - Healthy relationships bring out the best in you and make you feel good about yourself. A healthy relationship does not mean a “perfect” relationship, and no one is healthy 100% of the time, but these signs are behaviors you should strive for in all of your relationships. 

10 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationships - While everyone does unhealthy things sometimes, we can all learn to love better by recognizing unhealthy signs and shifting to healthy behaviors. If you are seeing unhealthy signs in your relationship, it’s important not to ignore them and understand they can escalate to abuse.

Because I Love You - Such a simple phrase can take on a different meaning in an unhealthy relationship, escalating from a statement of care to one of control.

Every Person Has Infinite Worth - From Dr. Kent Hoffman, Gonzaga Faculty:  each of us carries within the gift of infinite worth. Find out what that means for us to walk in relationship with others with a new sense of interconnectedness.

"Frientimacy: 3 Requirements to Fulfilling Relationships" -  Our world is getting "better" at connecting us and yet we're reporting feeling more disconnected than ever. The issue: loneliness. The solution: understanding the 3 actions that lead to belonging. Shasta Nelson is passionate about all things friendship. As founder and CEO of— the female-friendship learning community—she speaks and writes regularly on this important topic.

Good Boundaries Free You- This Ted Talk explores the impact of those things you say "yes" to and the things you say "no" to.  Boundaries can shape your life and relationships in many ways.

Love Intently – You can listen to the Love Intently podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts or read their blog to discover your attachment style, your love personality, and speak with experts in the field about empowering yourself to have thriving relationships.

The 5 Love Languages Quiz - Take this quiz to discover your primary love language, what it means, and how you can use it to better connect with your loved ones.

Toxic Relationships- How to tell if you're in a toxic relationship and tips for fixing it, or if needed, ending that relationship.

Warning Signs of Abuse - Every relationship is different and partner violence doesn’t always look the same. Possessive and controlling behaviors don’t always appear overnight and may emerge and intensify as a relationship grows.  Check out The Hotline for some common signs of abusive behavior.


This is just a sampling of apps available to support you in developing your Relationships.  On-campus and off-campus resources are also available to help support you with any concerns you may have in this area.

Gottman’s Card Decks- Curious what questions to ask to strengthen our relationship? Gotham’s Card Decks can help by offering questions and statements to discuss with your partner.

Paired: Couples and Relationships - A guide to help improve communication, stay connected, and deepen intimacy as a couple. Also includes tips from experts on a variety of relationship topics.

Splitwise - This app allows you to keep track of bills, split amongst roommates or friends, and see when bills are due.  You can view your balances, track spending trends, set up email reminders and more.

Tody- Manage cleaning tasks with roommates and assign tasks to make your home and relationships tidy and clean!