Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct can take many forms, including sexual assault, dating violence, and harassment.  Understanding what sexual misconduct is and its prevalence on college campuses is a first step in addressing and preventing this issue.  

  • What is Sexual Misconduct? - Gonzaga University has specific definitions and policies related to sexual misconduct.  This includes, but is not limited to, sexual assault, harassment, stalking, domestic and dating violence. 

  • Reporting Sexual Misconduct - Gonzaga has professionals specially trained in conducting investigations, providing support, and assisting you throughout a reporting process.  Learn more about what this process is and how it can help you. 

  • The Impact of Sexual Violence - From the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), learn more about how assault and harassment impact individuals and everyone around them.  

  • Campus Sexual Violence: Statistics - From the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN), learning more about the statistics surrounding sexual violence on college campuses will help you better support yourself and peers. 

  • Know Your IX – Know Your IX is about empowering students to stop sexual violence and a project of advocates for youth. This is a great website to learn about the federal laws surrounding Title IX and to learn your rights as a student under these regulations. 


Explore some additional tips and tricks to engage further in your knowledge around consent, the pervasiveness of sexual misconduct on college campuses, and bystander intervention.

Confidential Campus Advocate - Gonzaga works closely with LCS Northwest to provide a confidential community based advocate who seeks to empower survivors by helping individuals understand their rights, identify options, and build support systems after a sexual assault. Gonzaga community members may call or text 509-342-8564 during regular business hours or call the 24-hour Crisis line at 509-624-7273. Please indicate a safe number for the advocate to get in contact with you.

Consent and Tea - This video illustrates the concept of consent through tea. 

It's On Us - It's on all of us to stop sexual assault.  Multiple videos as well as information on how to get involved. 

Seven Comparisons to Show How Simple Consent Really Is - Seven everyday comparisons that show just how simple the concept of consent really is. 

The Hunting Ground - Documentary about sexual assault on college campuses.  Full film available through Foley Library. 

Zags Help Zags - Sexual misconduct is preventable and it starts with you. The Gonzaga community is made up of incredible Zags who thrive on the support and help from each other. Learn more about strategies on how to intervene as a bystander and end sexual violence on our campus.  


This is just a sampling of apps available to support you.  On-campus and off-campus resources are also available to help support you with any concerns you may have in this area. 

BSafe - This is a personal safety app that lets you set up a safety network of friends, share your location, ask friends to electronically walk you home, and trigger an alarm if you haven't checked in at a specified time. Free on Apple and Android. 

Circle of 6 - This apps let you choose up to 6 trusted friends to add to your circle.  If you get into an uncomfortable situation, you can use this app to send a pre-programmed alert with your location. Free on Apple and Android.