Visiting Students

Gonzaga University School of Law may admit visiting students who are currently enrolled in a law school, in their third year, and plan to transfer credits back to their home law school for graduation.

Most visiting students are enrolled in ABA-accredited law schools. It is your responsibility to confirm that credits received at Gonzaga will transfer back to your home school, and will be applied toward your law degree.

We require applicants to submit:

  • A cover letter stating the reason(s) you would like to visit Gonzaga Law addressed to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • A completed visiting student information sheet.
  • Letter of good standing from the Dean, or Associate Dean (preferably an academic Dean), of your home law school, giving you permission to visit Gonzaga. It should also include:
    • The semester(s) or Summer session you are allowed to attend
    • The number of credits the student can take here
    • The grade you must receive in order for the credits to transfer back
  • A complete transcript of law courses from your home law school