Panelists listening to question from audience member at 2018 GJIL Symposium

GJIL Symposium

2023 GJIL Symposium

The 2023 International Law Symposium, held on April 14, 2023 in the Barbieri Courtroom at Gonzaga University School of Law, highlighted the scope of global crises created by the Ukraine War and the insufficiencies of current international law and governance in responding. Speakers led discussions, and addressed audience questions, on how international law could better address international conflicts and crimes against humanity, and offered insight into the repercussions of various strategies for doing so.

Please check back in January of 2024 for more information on next year's International Law Symposium.


American Leadership in International Economic Law

2018 GJIL Symposium

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Audience listening at the 2018 GJIL Symposium