Professor Acharya at the 2018 GJIL Symposium

Gonzaga Journal of International Law

About GJIL 

The Gonzaga Journal of International Law (GJIL) is a student-run, online legal journal with readers spanning the globe. The Journal includes articles, essays, comments, and notes from law professors, government officials, practicing attorneys, business professionals, and law students.

Founded in 1997, the Gonzaga Journal of International Law seeks to expand its influence beyond the pages of the Journal by actively addressing pertinent issues affecting the legal and political communities both in the United States and abroad. The Journal is equally committed to public service and holds events dedicated to public service each year. Our annual Symposium, which addresses various international legal, political, and social issues draws highly respected legal scholars from local, national, and international communities.

Online Submissions:

We accept submissions online through Scholastica and via our Managing Editor’s email at:

Mission Statement

The purpose of GJIL is three-fold:

  1. To publish an online journal on diverse international topics related to law, social influences that impact the law, and the international ramifications of legal decision-making;
  2. To provide a forum for international legal scholarship by Gonzaga School of Law students, faculty, and members of the international legal community at large; and
  3. To provide members of GJIL with an academic and intellectual experience.


Executive Board 2022 - 2023

Hannah Swenson

Managing Editor
Stuart Fox

Executive Editor
Emily Bare

Articles Editors
Nicholas Davis
Anthony Green
Cullan Staack