GJIL Human Race

2023 Human Race 

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About the Race

The Human Race is a charity run/walk started in 2007 by one of Gonzaga’s law students, Kristina Glover. Unfortunately, Kristina lost her battle to ovarian cancer during her final year of law school. Kristina was passionate about the cause behind Partners in Health, an international nonprofit organization that delivers life-saving healthcare to individuals trapped by poverty and disease in communities around the world. GJIL honors Kristina’s dedication to bringing vital medical care to those who need our help. The proceeds that GJIL raises from the Human Race are donated directly to Partners in Health in order to further its goals. Ninety-four cents of every dollar that is donated to Partners in Health is used directly for projects that help reach Partners in Health’s goal of breaking the cycle of poverty and disease.

Since 2019, we are also proud to honor Heidi Miller Keele who lost her battle with cancer in 2018. In honor of Kristina and Heidi, the proceeds from the 2022 Race will go to the American Cancer Society. Thank you for helping us support the fight against cancer and for honoring Kristina and Heidi. And a special thank you to the family of Kristina for their continued and generous support of the Human Race.


2023 Donation to American Cancer Society: $1,550
2022 Donation to American Cancer Society: $2,200
2018 Donation to Partners in Health: $2,500
2017 Donation to Partners in Health: Over $4,000
2013 Donation to Partners in Health: $1,064
2012 Donation to Partners in Health: $1,631
2011 Donation to Partners in Health: $1,000


2023 Runner Participation: 45
2018 Runner Participation: Over 80
2017 Runner Participation: 169
2013 Runner Participation: 90
2012 Runner Participation: 140
2011 Runner Participation: 115