Civil Engineering Degree Requirements

The department of Civil Engineering, in conjunction with its various constituencies, has clearly-defined program objectives consistent with Gonzaga University's mission statement.

B.S. in Civil Engineering: 134 credits

First Year, Fall

ENSC 191 Engineering First-Year Seminar I 3 credits
MATH 157 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I 4 credits
CHEM 101/101L General Chemistry I and Lab 4 credits
PHIL 101 Reasoning 3 credits
Core Broadening Requirement 3 credits

First Year, Spring

ENSC 192 Engineering First-Year Seminar II 3 credits
MATH 258 Calculus and Analytical Geometry II 4 credits
PHYS 103/103L Scientific Physics I and Lab 5 credits
ENSC 205 Statics 3 credits
PHIL 201 Philosophy of Human Nature 3 credits

Second Year, Fall

CENG 226 Hydrology and Watersheds 3 credits
CENG 261/261L Introduction to Geomatics and Lab 3 credits
MATH 259 Calculus and Analytical Geometry III 4 credits
PHYS 204/204L Scientific Physics II and Lab 5 credits
Core Religion Requirement: Christianity/Catholic Traditions 3 credits

Second Year, Spring

ENSC 301 Mechanics of Materials I 3 credits
ENSC 306 Dynamics 3 credits
MATH 260 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 credits
MATH 321 Statistics for Experimentalists 3 credits
Core Religion Requirement: World/Comparative Religions 3 credits

Third Year, Fall

CENG 301 Structural Analysis I 3 credits
CENG 302L Construction Materials Lab 1 credit  
CENG 331/331L Soil Mechanics and Lab 4 credits
CENG 404 Sustainable Systems and Design 3 credits
ENSC 352 Fluid Mechanics 3 credits
Core Ethics Requirement 3 credits

Third Year, Spring

CENG 303 Environmental Engineering 3 credits
CENG 318 Transportation Engineering 3 credits
CENG 352/352L Hydraulic Engineering and Lab 4 credits
CENG 305L Environmental Engineering Lab 1 credit  
CENG 391 Civil Engineering Design & Practice 3 credits
Core Integration Seminar 3 credits

Fourth Year, Fall

ENSC 491 Senior Design Project I 2 credits
CENG 411 Steel Design 3 credits
CENG 473 Foundation Design 3 credits
Technical Electives (2) 6 credits
Core Broadening Requirement 3 credits

Fourth Year, Spring

ENSC 492 Senior Design Project II 3 credits
CENG 412 Concrete Design 3 credits
ENSC 400 Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
Must also take WA Fundamentals of Engineering Examination
0 credits
Technical Electives (2) 6 credits
Core Broadening Requirement 3 credits

Technical Electives

Civil engineering students enrolled in the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program can waive one technical elective.

Courses from the following list satisfy the technical elective requirements. To aid in course selection, the discipline(s) covered in each course are identified as follows: environmental engineering (E), geotechnical engineering (G), structural engineering (S), transportation engineering (T), and water resources engineering (W). Other courses may be used with approval from the Civil Engineering Chair.

Gonzaga Core Curriculum