Core Courses



Heather Schmitt
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COML 595: Theorizing Communication - 3 credits

In this foundational course, we introduce you to theories behind the way we communicate. In simple terms, a theory is an explanation for how something works and there are many practical and useful theories about communication. You will learn how organizations, the media and people exchange information. In addition, you will gain the tools to identify how verbal (speeches, music, media) and nonverbal (images, writing, symbols) means are used to craft and deliver a message to create an intended response. It will also help you discern which tactics and strategies are being used so you can make ethical and effective decisions about the way you and your organization communicate.

COML 596: Masters Level Writing
No credit, co-requisite with COML 595, fee-based lab

This course is an introduction to the genre of academic writing in the discipline of communication. It is designed to both assess and improve writing skills while serving as a resource for those who are apprehensive or need to brush up on writing.

Students who score 4.5 or above in the Analytical Writing category of the GRE are exempt from taking the Writing Workshop COML 596.

COML 597: Communication & Leadership Ethics - 3 credits

This course is an exploration into the personal, organizational, and social values present in ethical dilemmas. You will develop skills in ethical communication, decision-making and be able to consider multiple ethical perspectives. You will also learn strategies to respond to ethical problems while balancing your personal beliefs with organizational values.

COML 598: International and Intercultural Communication - 3 credits

You will identify and analyze how communication is affected by culture, identity, gender, race and class. You will explore the effects of those differences in attitudes, social organization, role expectations, language and nonverbal behavior. Principles of communication theory as they apply to the intercultural context are also emphasized.

COML 599: Content Creation and Strategy - 3 credits
On-Campus immersion option includes 3-days on Gonzaga's campus
Fully online immersion option includes synchronous 3-day Zoom session

This course is grounded in the principle that the best learning is experiential, and occurs in the context of a community. It is designed to build skills in public speaking, face-to-face conversations, writing, and multi-media products.  You will use your newfound skills to create a digital portfolio, which may include a website or other project.


COML 602: Communication & Leadership Capstone Seminar - 3 credits

This course is the culmination of your communication coursework. The completed capstone will be presented in a public forum at the end of the program.  If you choose a concentration, the capstone course requires a topic choice relevant to that concentration.