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The Center for Global Engagement
Gonzaga University
Hemmingson Center, Suite 102
502 E. Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA 99258

(509) 313-3549

Meet our Staff:

  • Primary immigration advisor for undergraduate students
  • 1st point of contact for undergraduate students
  • Contact Britt for immigration, insurance, employment, and cultural advising
  • DSO for immigration documents (can sign for and advise F-1 students and their dependents)
  • Responsible for insurance processes, overall Orientation coordination, and working with undergraduate students from the point of admission

Britt is an alum of Gonzaga's MA-TESL program, and a returned Peace Corps Volunteer in Macedonia where she taught English as a Second Language for two years. | Hemmingson 102 E | (509) 313.6236

  • Melissa HeidPrincipal Designated School Official (PDSO)
  • Primary immigration advisor for scholars, short term, and special program students
  • 1st point of contact for scholars and special program students
  • Principal  for immigration documents (Gonzaga’s primary immigration employee for Fs and Js, can sign for and advise F-1 students and their dependents and J-1 students and scholars and their dependents)
  • Responsible for policy & guidance, re-certification and program edits, reporting

Melissa earned her bachelor’s degree in political science and international studies from Gonzaga as well as her master’s in teaching English as a second language. She is currently a student in the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies and is interested in the intersection of leadership, language, and culture.

Melissa has studied Japanese, Arabic, and a little Korean. Melissa enjoys teaching ESL and TESL and working at the CGE. | Hemmingson 204 H | (509) 313-6560

  • Stashia KaielManagement and monitoring of Gonzaga’s semester and summer exchange programs
  • 1st point of contact for exchange and visiting students for J-1 immigration proposes
  • Promote, inform and advise students about study abroad opportunities; educate students about health, safety and logistics; conduct a Study Abroad
  • Oversee the Spanish Visa Process for students. 

Stashia was born and raised in Spokane, WA., closely connected to the Gonzaga community at an early age while attending the local elementary school (St. Aloysius). She decided to spread her ‘wings’ in college and studied abroad in Seville, Spain, for her junior year. Her experiences abroad changed everything.

Stashia began working at Gonzaga University with international students right after graduating from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor’s in Education. She decided to spread her ‘wings’ even farther and moved to Pusan, South Korea, to teach English and then to Portland, Oregon, to continue teaching ESL to elementary school children. | Hemmingson 204 D | (509) 313-6454

  • Responsible for the management and operations of the CGE office reception area
  • First point of contact for visitors to the CGE
  • See Zinzi to connect you with the appropriate CGE staff member or to make an appointment 
  • Serves on Activities Team and assists with promotion of activities

Zinzile was born and raised in South Africa and after completing a Social Sciences Degree she worked in the nonprofit sector for 10 years. Zinzile moved to Spokane two years ago and is still adjusting to the snow. 

In her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors with her partner, daughter and two dogs. | Hemmingson 102 | (509) 313-3549


  • Development and implementation of GU’s home grown faculty-led study programs
  • Oversee the French Visa Process and various other visa process for summer study abroad
  • Promote, inform and advise students about study abroad opportunities; educate students about health, safety and logistics; conduct a Study Abroad 

Katuska has worked more than fifteen years of her professional career in study abroad and international business. She received a bachelor's in biology and French from Vanderbilt University and holds an MBA from Gonzaga University. After studying abroad in France (three times) during college, she soon after settled in Paris, working there for seven years. Katuska is fluent in Slovak and French, and has traveled Europe, parts of south and central America, Africa, and China. | Hemmingson 204 G | (509) 313-3546

  • Alisha LombardiDevelopment and implementation of Gonzaga's semester study abroad programs
  • Manage the curriculum integration process for sponsored programs
  • Promote, inform and advise students about study abroad opportunities; educate students about health, safety and logistics; conduct a Study Abroad
  • Facilitate pre-departure and re-entry sessions for program participants and manages the Study Abroad Fair

Alisha is originally from College Station, Texas and has been working in study abroad for over nine years.

She attended Texas A&M University earning a B.A. in international studies and is currently pursuing a Master’s in business administration here at Gonzaga.

Alisha’s areas of expertise include sponsored programs, student advising and supervising student employees. During her undergraduate program she studied abroad in Costa Rica which ignited her love for international education. She has traveled to over 13 countries and continues to add to that number. Prior to the field of study abroad, she worked with various non-profit organizations in Texas. | Hemmingson 102 F | (509) 313-5799

  • Richard MenardServes as Gonzaga’s Senior International Officer and leads and directs Gonzaga University’s Center for Global Engagement
  • Director provides consultative and creative leadership to the University on issues of global education and outreach in a way that fosters, promotes, enhances, and maintains the Jesuit, Catholic, and humanistic identity of the University as expressed in its vision, mission, and strategic plan.
  • Together with the Risk Management Office, assesses and performs risk assessments for new and/or existing program locations. Informs faculty program leaders, University administrators and students of State Department Travel advisories and safety concerns relative to program sites.
  • In collaboration with Student Development, provides continuity of care for students studying abroad as well as integrating international students into the Gonzaga Community.

Richard earned a B.A. in history at Texas Tech University and an M.A. in international relations in Belgium at the University of Kent's Brussels School of International Studies. | Hemmingson 204 C | (509) 313-3583

  • Katie NollenbergerPrimary immigration advisor for ESL and graduate students
  • 1st point of contact for ESL students
  • Connect with Katie for immigration, employment, and cultural advising as well as tax information
  • DSO for immigration documents (can sign for and advise F-1 students and their dependents)
  • Responsible for tax processes, ESL Orientation coordination, and working with graduate and ESL students from the point of admission

Katie earned her bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Oregon and her master’s in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Gonzaga University.

She has taught ESL in France and at Gonzaga and Spokane Community College. Katie enjoys working with students from all over the world and helping them to realize their academic and career pursuits.

She has travelled to Colombia, India, South Korea, Mexico, Ireland, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, among others, and is always looking forward to her next adventure abroad. In her free time, she enjoys being out and about in nature and spending time with her family. Please feel free to contact her. | Hemmingson 204 I | (509) 313-5593

  • Ann PriceResponsible for overseeing the routine administrative and budgetary activities of the Center for Global Engagement
  • Directs the planning and development of operating budgets for the offices in the CGE, in coordination with the University Budget Office, Controller’s Office, and Provost Office.
  • Oversees all matters in PeopleAdmin and Concur for Global Engagement

Ann graduated from Gonzaga University with a B.A. in History. Before working at Gonzaga, she had a 15 year career in banking. She has been with Gonzaga since 1999 and has worked at CCASL, for the Interim VP for Mission, and for the Chief Diversity Officer before landing at the Center for Global Engagement.

She lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for one year while attending school and caught the travel bug. Since then she has traveled to Canada, the Caribbean, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece and Malta. | Hemmingson 204 F | (509) 313-3667

  • Management and monitoring of the Gonzaga in Florence Study Abroad Programs
  • Oversees the Italian Visa Process for students and faculty who will be in Italy
  • Promote, inform and advise students about study abroad opportunities; educate students about health, safety and logistics; conduct a Study Abroad
  • Travels and recruits student from various Gonzaga partners around the U.S. for Florence 

Erin earned her B.B.A. from Gonzaga and is also an alumna of the Gonzaga in Florence program.

She worked in the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) as a student, and enjoys continuing to interact with all those that come through the CGE doors. Her main responsibilities include student advising, as well as overseeing the application process and preparation for all undergraduates studying at Gonzaga in Florence. | Hemmingson 102 D | (509) 313-3598

  • Dr. Li Yang1st point of contact for partner and potential partner institutions and organizations
  • Responsibilities include developing, managing, and implementing Gonzaga’s international recruitment strategy for the English Language Center.
  • Support of Gonzaga’s international enrollment goals and travels to China and other select countries in coordination with Admissions.  
  • Contact Li if you know of a school, agent, or organization interested in working with Gonzaga

Growing up in a farming community in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwest China that is best known for its many ethnic and Muslim minorities, and as an important crossroad on the Silk Road, Dr. Li Yang gained her B.A. in English Language and Literature, and M.A. in British and American Literature with full scholarship from Xinjiang University.

After graduation she was offered a position at Xinjiang University teaching English as a Second/Third Language to her Han, Uyghur, Kazak, Mongolian, Uzbek and Tajik students, and twice earned the Outstanding Teacher Award.

In 2008 Li came to the U.S. as an international student at the University of Minnesota where she earned her Ph.D. in Comparative and International Development Education. Her thesis was on the impact of study abroad on its participants. During her Ph.D. study, she was one of the founders and editors of an online academic journal, Reconsidering Development, with a start-up grant from the University of Minnesota.

Before arriving at Gonzaga University, Dr. Yang was the Coordinator of the China Programs at Colorado State University, managed the Teaching in English program at Montclair State University, and was the Director of the International Center and the English Language Program at Rowan University.

She also worked and volunteered as a translator and cultural consultant over the years to many organizations including the Wyoming Public Defenders Office, and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority for its billion-dollar contract with the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation. | Welch 101 | (509) 313-3668


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