Get Involved

Gonzaga's community-centered mission carries over to the Center for Global Engagement in the form of involvement activities and groups for students to develop relationships with one another. In addition to developing community among members, these clubs and activities also strive to foster intercultural competence throughout the student body. If you are a student looking to get involved in Gonzaga's Global Community, some opportunities available are:

  • Join the International Student Union, a club that advocates intercultural competency, global engagement, inclusivity, and awareness.
  • Participate in Global Conversations, which includes a weekly one hour English conversation groups with international students.
  • Show us how you see the world and submit a photo the the World Photo View Contest.
  • Students also have the opportunity to join one of the multiple student-run cultural clubs hosted at Gonzaga.




Help international students adjust to life at Gonzaga by volunteering to be an International Student Mentor. Meet at least 6 times for 1 hour for each meeting during the semester, join in the planned activities with free snacks, or make your own plan with your mentee.