Global Studies Designation

Gonzaga's University Core Curriculum is a four-year, cohesive program of study anchored by this question: As students of a Catholic, Jesuit, and Humanistic University, how do we educate ourselves to become women and men for a more just and humane global community? Each year, as students progress through the program, they will address a main theme and question that support the anchoring question. The University Core Curriculum helps us achieve our Baccalaureate Learning Goals to cultivate reflective, responsible individuals rooted in Jesuit, Catholic, humanist traditions, whose knowledge, skills, habits of mind and spirituality enable them to grow in the service of faith and the promotion of justice.

Courses with the Global Studies designation challenge students to perceive and understand human diversity by exploring diversity within a context of constantly changing global systems. These courses promote knowledge of particular social practices and cultural systems, primarily those outside the United States; prepare students with the skills necessary to engage people in other societies; and develop attitudes that reflect curiosity, openness to difference, and critical reflection when encountering values and belief systems that are different from the student’.

**Included in the requirements are two courses (6 credits) with the Global Studies Designation.