Gonzaga Global Team

Gonzaga Global is a partnership between Gonzaga University and Shorelight created to increase international access and enrollment at Gonzaga University. Increasing the number of home languages and cultures on campus diversifies our student body and enhances Gonzaga's mission. The partnership is based on a revenue share agreement wherein Shorelight receives no money up front from Gonzaga.

Some Gonzaga Global students are admitted directly into undergraduate or graduate programs. and others are admitted to a Pathway program based on language proficiency. Pathway students participate in Intensive English Program language courses as well as specific courses in the Core, or their program of study. Shorelight-recruited students are called Gonzaga Global during their first year on campus and are supported by Gonzaga Global staff. All Gonzaga Global students are supported by Gonzaga’s International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS) staff, Gonzaga Global staff, and faculty academic advisors.

Portrait of Liliya Ambartsumyan

Liliya Ambartsumyan, Gonzaga Global Managing Director

Liliya oversees Gonzaga Global program operations and student services. Email Liliya to schedule an appointment with her.


Portrait of James Vair

James Vair, Gonzaga Global Student Services Advisor

James helps Gonzaga Global students with academic, social, and cultural needs. Visit James' Meeting Calendar to schedule an appointment with him.


Portrait of Tobi Goode

Tobi Goode, Gonzaga Global Academic Coordinator

Tobi supports continued academic success of Gonzaga Global students through direct intervention and campus collaboration. Visit Tobi's Meeting Calendar to make an appointment with her.