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The International Day of Tolerance gathered students, faculty, and staff together and they linked arms to form a human chain of solidarity.

While numerous government and non-governmental organizations are working against hate, the Institute is a globally unique organization for its focus academic resources in interdisciplinary fashion on the causes and effects of hate as well as potential strategies for combating hate.

Your gift in support of the Gonzaga Center for the Study of Hate allows us to fulfill our mission and engage our audience in the following ways:

  • Publishes the international scholarly Journal of Hate Studies.
  • Convenes the biennial International Conference on Hate Studies.
  • Organizes and sponsors special workshops, symposia, lectures, and mini-conferences.
  • Hosts distinguished visiting fellows.
  • Catalyzes interdisciplinary research teams.
  • Supports interdisciplinary courses in Hate Studies and the production of promising model projects and student research.
  • Presents annually the Eva Lassman Take Action Against Hate Awards.
  • Advocates for the field of Hate Studies and encourages increased discussion about hate across disciplines.
  • Integrates theory and practice through an active International Council of Experts and roster of Gonzaga affiliates.
  • Fortifies connections of knowledge, skills, and service via student employment and internships.
  • Answers inquiries from the media, government, and civil society organizations.

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If you have questions about making a gift, or would like to send a check through the mail, please contact us:

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