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A presentation at the 2013 Pursuit of Justice conference

The Gonzaga Institute of Hate Studies supports research and education focused on the human capacity to dehumanize an ‘other’ and the processes that can counter that capacity. With partners locally and across the globe, we are a founding member and leading contributor to the interdisciplinary field of hate studies. This work is central to the identity of Gonzaga as a Jesuit university, following in the ways of St. Ignatius of Loyola by naming the harms of marginalization and taking action against bias and bigotry. This is our magis – to work against hate and in solidarity for a world with greater justice.


The Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies advances the academic field of Hate Studies and links the Gonzaga community with experts and key stakeholders worldwide through activities of inquiry, scholarship, and action-service in our areas of engagement.

Working Definition

As a working definition, Hate Studies enquires into "the human capacity to define, and then dehumanize or demonize, an ‘other,’ and the processes that inform and give expression to, or can curtail, control, or combat, that capacity.”

Activities and Areas of Engagement

The Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies promotes inquiry, scholarship, and action-service toward understanding what hate is, how it arises and manifests, how it is experienced in context, what and how it may be addressed appropriately and effectively.

The GIHS convenes scholars, students, practitioner-experts, government and civil society organizations, and other stakeholders at local and global levels to expand theoretical and applied knowledge, personal and social awareness, and values-based research-supported methods in our areas of humanitarian engagement, including:
Human Dignity & Global Citizenship

  • Ethics and Leadership Education – understanding sources, manifestations, and consequences of indignity, intolerance, and inequality
  • Solidarity and Social Justice – addressing hate, violent conflict, and oppression
  • Violence Prevention – promoting synergies of media, applied science/technology, business, entrepreneurship, law, public policy, and other fields

Human Security & Global Peacebuilding

  • Human Security – working for universal freedom from fear, indignity, and want
  • Social Change – supporting nonviolent systems, strategies, and solutions
  • Peacebuilding – harnessing the power of interreligious and intercultural dialogue

Human Rights & Global Justice

  • Social Peace – catalyzing and creating stable communities
  • Civil Rights and Liberties – protecting and empowering poor and vulnerable populations
  • The Rule of Law – advancing compassionate policy and appropriate approaches to justice

To fulfill its mission and engage its audience, the GIHS:

  • Publishes the international scholarly Journal of Hate Studies
  • Convenes the biennial International Conference on Hate Studies
  • Organizes and sponsors special workshops, symposia, lectures, and mini-conferences
  • Hosts distinguished visiting fellows
  • Catalyzes interdisciplinary research teams
  • Supports interdisciplinary courses in Hate Studies and the production of promising model projects and student research
  • Presents annually the Eva Lassman Memorial Student Research Award and Take Action Against Hate Awards
  • Advocates for the field of Hate Studies and encourages increased discussion about hate across disciplines
  • Integrates theory and practice through an active International Council of Experts and roster of Gonzaga affiliates
  • Fortifies connections of knowledge, skills, and service via student employment and internships
  • Answers inquiries from the media, government, and civil society organizations

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