Advisory Board


Chair: Adriane Leithauser, M.A., M.B.A. (2016), Faculty, School of Business

  1. Fr. Patrick Baraza, Ph.D. (2020), Faculty, CAS Religious Studies
  2. Christy Dennler-Lusco (2020), Staff, Accounting
  3. Lunell Haught, Ph.D. (2020), Faculty, Leadership Studies
  4. Robin Kelley, Chief Diversity Officer
  5. Ryan Turcott - Faculty, School of Education
  6. Vicky Nann – Graduate student, School of Leadership Studies 
  7. Jeffery Ramirez, Ph.D. (2020), Faculty, School of Nursing and Human Physiology
  8. Jim Simon (2020), Staff, Office of Sustainability 
  9. Rachelle Strawther, Ed.D. (2020), Staff, Center for Lifelong Learning 
  10. Mary Pat Treuthart, Faculty, School of Law - Chair of the Editorial Board - 
  11. Larry Weiser, J.D. (2016), Faculty, Law (Emeritus) 
  12. Undergraduate student (open position)


Ex Officio (Active Former Directors and Founders)  

  • George Critchlow, J.D. (1998), Former Dean, School of Law (Emeritus)
  • Jim Mohr, Ph.D. (2010), Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane
  • Raymond Reyes, Ph.D. (1998), AVP Office of the President 
  • Ken Stern, J.D. (1998), Director Bard Center for the Study of Hate

Graduate Assistants

  • Danny Laesch, Leadership Studies - ICOHS and Journal of Hate Studies
  • Manoj Thirupal, Leadership Studies - Research Assistant and Webmaster

Undergraduate Workstudy

  • Open