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Eva Lassman is a hero. She was not only a survivor of the Holocaust, but also an unyielding advocate for educating people about the genocide of 6 million Jews and 5 million people of other nationalities, religions and viewpoints under Nazi Germany during World War II. She was a member of the Spokane community, where she was a wife, mother, and holocaust educator. Her inspirational story is continued in many ways, including several awards in her honor that are given by the Gonzaga Center for the Study of Hate.

Eva would say that constant vigilance is needed to overcome racism and anti-Semitism, adding that we must learn from the mistakes made before us and do everything we can to prevent something like this from ever happening again. The Gonzaga Center for the Study of Hate honors Eva and her legacy by recognizing outstanding students interested in doing research related to better understanding and countering hatred in any of its manifestations as well as individuals and organizations that take action against hate.

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