Academic Budget & Personnel

Amanda Rhodes
Our office informs the resource allocation process for the areas under the Provost's purview and manages faculty hiring, promotion, reappointment, tenure and sabbatical.

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Phone: (509) 313-6109
Office Location: College Hall 232B
Hometown: Richland, WA
With Gonzaga since: 2014-2017, 2022

Amanda Rhodes oversees and manages the Provost Division budget with respect to personnel and operations-related processes and serves as a primary advisor to the Provost on budget-related matters. She serves as the principal personnel and budget liaison between the Provost’s Office and all Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Enrollment Management units, and other areas of the University. Amanda is proud to be a member of the Gonzaga community and contribute to the collective mission of caring for and developing the whole person.

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Gina Thomas
Gina Thomas
Assistant Director
Academic Budget & Personnel
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Emily LIvingston
Emily Turner
Senior Specialist
Academic Budget & Personnel
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Phone: 509-313-5756

Emily Livingston is on the board of regents for Gonzaga University.
Lea Hart
Academic Budget & Personnel
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Mary Melaey
Mary Mealey
Administrative Assistant III
Academic Budget & Personnel
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