Important Dates & Deadlines

Following is the Action Guide for the current semester.  Please refer to the bottom of the page for PDF versions of the Action Guide for this and future semesters.

Fall 2018
Student/Advisor Action Guide

Full Semester/16 Week Courses

Date Day(s) Action
Aug 3
Fri Last day for Registered Students to Pay in Full to Avoid Cancellation of Registration
Aug 6
Mon Non-Matriculated Student Registration
Aug 16-17
Thu-Fri New Faculty Orientation
Aug 23-24
Thu-Fri Fall Faculty Conference
Aug 24-25; 26
Fri-Sun Residence Halls Open (New Students; Returning Students)
Aug 27
Mon Academic Convocation
Aug 27
Mon New Students Meet with Assigned Advisors
Aug 27
Mon Monday ONLY Classes Begin
Aug 28
Tue Classes Begin
Aug 31
Fri Last Day to Request a Meal Plan Change
Sept 3
Mon Labor Day Holiday
Sept 5

Last Day to:
Add Courses
Register (Payment is due immediately upon enrollment)
Change to/from Audit or Pass/Fail Option

Sept 6 Thu $50 Fee Assessment per Course Begins for Late Add
Sept 7
Fri Last Day to:
Drop Courses
Receive 100% Tuition Adjustment for Complete Drop
Drop Applied Music Lessons and Receive a Refund
Receive Refund of Lab Fee
Sept 10
Mon $50 Fee Assessment Per Course Begins for Late Drop
Begin W Grade Assignment for Course & Complete Withdrawal
Sept 11
Tue Mass of the Holy Spirit and Learning outcomes Assessment Day (Classes beginning before 4:40pm are cancelled)
Sept 28
Fri Incomplete ("I" grades) Revert to Failing or Provisional Grades
Oct 1
Mon Last Day for 2019 & 2020 Undergraduate Degree Applicants to Apply to Graduate
(May, June, August, December 2019 & 2020 degree terms)
Oct 2
Tue Begin Additional $25 Late fee for 2019 Degree Candidates (May, June, August, December 2019 Undergraduate Degree Candidates)
Oct 5-7
Fri-Sun Zag Fam Weekend
Oct 19
Fri Last Day of Classes for Courses of Eight Weeks
Oct 22
Mon Founder's Day Holiday
Oct 23
Tue Mid-Semester Grades Due in the Registrar's Office (4:00 pm)
Final Grades Due for Courses of Eight Weeks of Less (4:00 pm)
Nov 1
Thu Last Day to Apply for May 2019 Graduation (Graduate/Doctoral Students)
Nov 2
Fri Begin Additional $25 Late Fee for 2019 Degree Candidates (May 2019 Graduate Degree/Doctoral Degree Candidates)
Nov 6
Tue Spring 2019 ZAGWEB Registration Begins
Nov 9
Fri Last Day to Withdraw From a Course (W grade assigned)
Nov 21-23
Wed-Fri Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 30
Fri Last Day to completely Withdraw From the University
Dec 8-10
Sat-Mon Reading Study Days
Dec 11-14
Tue-Fri Last Week of the Semester
Dec 14
Fri In-Progress Grades ("IP") Revert to Withdraw
Dec 17
Mon Christmas Holiday Begins
Dec 19
Wed Grades Due in the Registrar's Office (4:00 pm)
Dec 21
Fri Grades Inquiry and GPAs Available on ZAGWEB


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Fall 2018 Action Guide

Spring 2019 Action Guide

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