President Thayne McCulloh

Gonzaga University, as both a Jesuit, religious mission and an incorporated, non-profit higher education institution, utilizes a unique governance structure composed of a Board of Members and a Board of Trustees with leadership from President Thayne M. McCulloh and the President’s Cabinet & Deans.  The Board of Regents serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees and the President.

The University is led by a chief executive officer who is both elected as President by the Board of Trustees and missioned as Director of the Work by the Provincial Superior of the Society of Jesus, which is overseen by the Board of Members. 

The Board of Members, Board of Trustees and the Board of Regents work collegially and collaboratively with one another and with the President of the University to ensure fulfillment of the educational mission of Gonzaga University, as articulated in the University's Mission Statement and further elaborated in its Strategic Plan.

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