Board of Members

The Board of Members serves to ensure that Gonzaga University functions in vibrant relationship to the Society of Jesus and fulfills its apostolic mission as a work of the Society of Jesus and the Roman Catholic Church.  

The Board of Members is composed of Jesuits who are members of the Gonzaga University Jesuit Community.  The Board of Members meets regularly with the President to discuss matters specific to the Jesuit and Catholic mission and identity of the University, and works collaboratively with the Board of Trustees regarding matters of mutual concern to the Boards.

Board of Members
Steve Kuder, S.J., Presiding Officer
Steve Hess, S.J., Secretary
Tim Clancy, S.J.
Ken Krall, S.J.
Tom Lamanna, S.J.
Robert Lyons, S.J.
Quan Tran, S.J.