Modern Languages & Literature

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Modern Languages and Literature is to prepare students to live, work and serve as global citizens, with the responsibility, empathy, openness to diversity and commitment to social justice that distinguish the Jesuit educational tradition.

Our curriculum is designed to achieve three overarching goals: to empower our students to become independent users of language in real-life contexts; to develop reflective, analytical, critical-thinking and discursive abilities through the study of a wide range of cultural products, practices and perspectives; and to foster the cultural competence that will enable our students to forge meaningful connections with people from cultures different from their own.

With the knowledge, skills and attitudes they acquire in the study of modern languages, our students will be able to contribute to a diverse and changing world as active participants who can work within and across cultural perspectives.

Our research and teaching philosophy

By devoting ourselves to research within a range of cultural and theoretical areas and innovation in language acquisition, we are committed to promoting a dynamic and diverse learning community wherein students may comfortably develop personal talents and human qualities.

Many of our students will use their language ability and intercultural competence in a variety of professional arenas, including government, business, the non-profit sector, teaching or research. Regardless of career path, we seek to prepare our students to contribute to a diverse and changing world as active participants who can work across cultural perspectives.

Spring semester 2018 requests or questions?

The fall semester is quickly coming to an end. If you would like to schedule time with Dr. Isabelli, please use this calendar to schedule an office visit.

Courses offered in Spring 2018

Arabic 202 Elementary Arabic II                                                     

Japanese 102 Elementary Japanese II

French 102 Elementary French II

Japanese 202 Intermediate Japanese II

French 201 Intermediate French I

Japanese 302 Advanced Japanese II

French 202 Intermediate French II

Spanish 102 Elementary Spanish II

French 331 Contemporary French Cinema -
Social Justice Core Designation

Spanish 201 Intermediate Spanish I

French 340 La France d'aujourd'hui

Spanish 202 Intermediate Spanish II

German 102 Elementary German II

Spanish 301 Advanced Spanish I

German 202 Intermediate German II

Spanish 302 Advanced Spanish II

German 307 Contemporary Issues

Spanish 308 Survey of Latin-American Literature II - prereq Spn 302

Italian 101 Elementary Italian I

Spanish 404 Spanish-American Theater - prereq Spn 302

Italian 102 Elementary Italian II

Spanish 410 Spanish-American Civilization and Culture -
Global Engagement Core Designation- prereq Spn 302

Italian 202 Intermediate Italian II

Spanish 481 Medical Spanish & Cultural Competency in Healthcare 
- prereq Spn 302

Italian 315/Inst 381 The Italian Cinema - LIT Core Deisgnation

Spanish 499 Spanish Comprehensive

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Main Office location:
CG 031
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Dr. Christina Isabelli
Department Chair
College Hall 031-A
(509) 313-6723

Lisa Meyer
Program Assistant
College Hall 031
(509) 313-6783