Official Transcripts

Only requests made by the student/graduate will be honored.

Official transcripts are used to prove attendance and graduate status for students, former students, and graduates for the purposes of employment, certification to a state bar association, or to attend or transfer credits to another school.

All official transcripts are ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse. Electronic and hard-copy transcripts must be ordered separately. Automated electronic delivery is only available to students/graduates who attended Gonzaga University School of Law from 1996 to the present. For students/graduates who attended in 1995 or earlier, only hard-copy official transcripts are available.

There are fees associated with official transcripts, payable through the National Student Clearinghouse website, with additional fees for expedited requests.

Important information for current students, or pending graduates awaiting grades: automated electronic official transcripts should only be ordered once grades for each semester have been posted. Gonzaga University and the School of Law are on different academic calendars, and the automated electronic official transcript order form operates on the Gonzaga University calendar, not the School of Law calendar. Ordering electronic official transcripts between the end of final exams and law school grade release date will result in incomplete transcripts, even if “hold until my grades are posted” is chosen on the website. All current law students or graduates awaiting grades should verify grade and/or degree posting on Zagweb before ordering automated electronic delivery official transcripts. Refunds will not be given for incomplete transcripts ordered between the end of a semester and the law school grade posting date.


Please select the below option that best describes your relationship with Gonzaga Law:

*Order hard-copy Official Transcript

*Please note that hard-copy official transcripts are the only option for this group.


*Order electronic Official Transcript (For delivery to an e-mail address only.)

*Please note: electronic delivery official transcripts should not be ordered between the end of a semester and the law school grade release date, as it will result in incomplete transcripts.

Order hard-copy Official Transcript