Public Service Requirements

Gonzaga Law students are required to complete thirty (30) hours of public service for graduation. Transfer students, including those in the JDIEL program, must complete twenty (20) hours of public service.

Students may begin work toward completion of the requirement at the beginning of their first term of law school. The public service requirement cannot be satisfied by hours for which the student also receives compensation, other monetary value, academic credit, or hours that are submitted for the Pro Bono Distinction.

Download the Public Service Completion Form

For more information, contact Erin Harbaugh, Public Service Liaison

Choosing a Public Service Activity

You are responsible for selecting the public service activity you would like to perform to fulfill Gonzaga’s public service requirement.

You may choose an agency on your own, through the law school public service liaison, through Gonzaga University’s Service Learning Website, or through the Community Service Fair held on main campus each semester.

If you choose an activity on your own, your choice must be authorized by the law school’s Public Service Liaison, Erin Harbaugh, who will consult with CCASL’s Service Learning Coordinator.

If you need help selecting an activity, consider using Gonzaga University’s Service Learning website. It has information on agencies that cooperate with the Center for Community Action and Service Learning (CCASL).

How to Report your Public Service activity:

  1. Once you have selected an agency, email the Public Service Liaison to verify approval of the agency for public service credit.
  2. Complete your hours with approved agency.  If you work with the same agency multiple times, you can report all the work on a single form.
  3. Fill out the Public Service Completion Form and have it signed by a representative of the agency as the Public Service Recipient. (Be specific and detailed on your dates and hours of service. A range of dates is acceptable; no dates is not.)
  4. Turn in the form to the TWEN submission site, GPSR and PBD Completion Form.
  5. Once approved by Public Service Liaison and Registrar, track your hours on ZAGWEB.

Summary of the Public Service Requirement

For purposes of the requirement, “public service” shall be broadly interpreted. It encompasses traditional pro bono legal work, but can also be satisfied by any of the following activities, so long as the student received no compensation:

  • Volunteering at a nonprofit charitable, civic or community organization (law or non-law related);
  • Assisting an attorney or law firm on a pro bono case;
  • Any work over and above your required Externship or University Legal Assistance (Clinic) hours;
  • Serving at a public agency.

Students may either choose to be placed with an agency already approved or seek new agency approval by the student Public Service Liaison, Erin Harbaugh.

The place of service should be in Eastern Washington or North Idaho, with exceptions possible upon approval by the Public Service Liaison, who will consult with the Associate Dean of Students (e.g., a student may fulfill the requirement while out of the area during a term break or distance externship).

Service hours must be submitted within one calendar year of completion.

The Public Service Liaison may refuse to accept incomplete forms, unreadable forms, or forms that do not meet criteria for the Graduation Public Service Requirement.

For satisfaction of this requirement, please complete the Public Service Requirement Completion Form and submit on TWEN GPSR and PBD Completion Form.

Transcripts will reflect completion of the public service requirement upon graduation.