UW-GU Summer Research Program

UW-GU Summer 2024 Research Volunteers

About volunteer research opportunities in Seattle

In partnership with the University of Washington, we coordinate summer volunteer research opportunities for currently enrolled Gonzaga University undergraduate students. These positions are designed to provide highly motivated students the opportunity to experience the research-intense environment found at large research universities. During the course of the summer, you will explore your field of interest, make valuable contacts, and experience what it feels like to be part of a large research group that includes graduate students, post-docs and principal investigators. These positions are entirely voluntary, and students are responsible for paying all costs associated with travel to and from Seattle, etc. Gonzaga will provide a small stipend to assist with expenses.  For more details, see myGU.

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Previous Gonzaga Undergraduate Researchers

  • Ainsley Brockman, Class of 2026, Biology major (research lab: Dr. Joseph Mougous)
  • Claire Charvet, Class of 2025, Biochemistry major (research lab: Dr. Elia Tait Wojno)
  • Kennedy Child, Class of 2026, Human Physiology major (research lab: Dr. Martin Darvas)
  • Alexandra Stearns, Class of 2025, Psychology major (research lab: Dr. Garret Stuber)
  • Claire Charvet, Class of 2025, Biochemistry major (research lab: Dr. Suzanne Hoppins)
  • Shafiqullah Moltafet, Class of 2025, Biology major (research lab: Dr. Rachel Klevit)
  • Emma Spiegel, Class of 2024, Psychology major (research lab: Dr. Michael Gale Jr.)
  • Alexis Terterov, Class of 2024, Human Physiology major (research lab: Dr. Mike Averkiou)
  • Paxton Carson, Class of 2023, Biochemistry major (research lab: Dr. Cole Trapnell): "Effects of LMNA KO on Adult Mouse Brain via sci-RNA-seq"
  • Ashley Chon, Class of 2025, Human Physiology & Philosophy majors (research lab: Dr. Jennifer Davis): "Identifying Early Fibroblast Cell State Changes in an Angiotensin-II Induced Fibrosis Pump Model"
  • Rhys Heenan, Class of 2023, Human Physiology major (research lab: Dr. Ben Freedman): "Determining the Polarity of Kidney Organoids"
  • Emma Spiegel, Class of 2024, Psychology major (research lab: Dr. Mchael Gale): "Innate Immune Sensors Influence Humoral Response in Mice"
  • Emma Winter, Class of 2024, Biology major (research lab: Dr. Elizabeth Swisher): "Investigation of mutations in candidate genes that confer ovarian cancer risk"
  • Holly Ebel, Class of 2020, Nursing major (research lab: Dr. Pamela Kohler): “Technical Assistance Needs for Implementing Differentiated Models of HIV Care in Tanzania
  • Megan Glenski, Class of 2020, Biology major (research lab: Dr. Willie Swanson): “Gene Duplication of Sperm Gamete Reproductive Protein Sp18
  • Amanda Hefton, Class of 2021, Human Physiology major (research lab: Dr. Tomas Mustelin): “Autoantibodies against citrullinated human endogenous retrovirus K proteins in rheumatoid arthritis patients
  • Ana Orlowsky, Class of 2021, Biology major (research lab: Dr. Jeff Chamberlain): “Investigation into Low Micro-Dystrophin Concentrations in CXMD Dog, Dinky Doug
  • Chloe Sciammas, Class of 2020, Biochemistry major (research lab: Dr. Karin Bornfeldt): “Myeloid Cell ADAM17 Deletion in Mice using LysM-Cre Reproductive Strategy
  • Abby Jamieson, Class of 2019, Biology major (research lab: Dr. Michael Gale): “DDX39A as a RIG-I-Like Receptor Inhibitor
  • Maggie Malone, Class of 2020, Human Physiology major (research lab: Dr. Chet Moritz): “Therapeutic Potential of Transcutaneous Electrical Spinal Stimulation for Muscle Spasticity in Chronic Spinal Cord Injury
  • Navath Nhan, Class of 2019, Mechanical Engineering major (research lab: Dr. Valerie Kelly): “Impact of Challenging Virtual Reality Environments on Gait Characteristics in People with Parkinson Disease
  • Sam Schrader, Class of 2019, Biochemistry major (research lab: Dr. Peter Greenberg): “Examining effects of anti-activators on quorum sensing induction in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Eleanor Weisblat, Class of 2020, Biology & Spanish majors (research lab: Dr. Nora Disis): “Downregulation of PD-L1 by NSAID administration and the mechanism of the immunologic effects of naproxen