Application Process

2024 Summer McKinstry Fellows Research Program


The McKinstry Fellows Research Program will support student-faculty research teams probing health-related questions that are affecting society today. The Health Partnership Faculty Research Task Force will select the proposals that will be awarded funding based on the following criteria:

  • Student impact and involvement in the research - consequently, student compensation should account for at least 33% of the budget 
  • Focus of the project should be on a significant health-related question. While we would be excited to receive proposals that are focused on rural health, all human health-focused projects will be considered.  
  • Commitment of the lead mentor to work directly with the student(s) throughout the 10-week research period, for which they must be compensated in some way. 
  • Clarity of the proposal
  • Reasonableness of timeline, budget and goals given that this is a 10-week summer research program that provides a meaningful research experience for students.


  • Faculty – GU or UW School of Medicine who will be returning for fall semester and are able to serve as a research mentor in or near Spokane throughout the 10-week period. 
  • Students – GU or UW School of Medicine who will be returning for fall semester and are interested in participating in a health-related research project in or near Spokane; in addition to being available to work throughout the 10-week period, students must also be available to participate in any necessary safety and research ethics training in May, as well as in the dissemination of their findings through poster or oral presentations in the fall immediately following the summer research.
  • This program is open to all students, regardless of major, including undergraduate, graduate, medical and physician assistant (PA) students.

Request the 2024 Faculty Application here.

Student Application

Students will need to submit an expression of interest form (Summer 2024 form).  After faculty awards are decided, an email will be sent with additional information about the next steps in the process.

For more details, please contact CURCI.

Contact the McKinstry Fellows Research Program

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