“The McKinstry Fellows is a critical part of helping to advance the goal of the UW-GU Health Partnership to pursue and explore opportunities for collaboration in health-related research, innovation, and entrepreneurship,” explained Dr. Bertagnolli. “Students from many disciplines with an interest in a health-related topic will be eligible to join a collaborative, interdisciplinary, interprofessional research group with a faculty mentor and expand their interests, do important work that benefits the community, and gain the research experience that can help them excel in their continued studies or their professions after graduation. Anytime we can bring together different kinds of ideas, experimental methods, and tools, it provides opportunities for new connections and novel discoveries.”

The McKinstry Fellows program launched during the Summer of 2022 with the intent to continually evaluate its operation with an eye out for opportunities to improve.

The McKinstry Fellows Research Program

Vicki and Dean Allen
Vicki and Dean Allen
The CEO of McKinstry is giving Gonzaga undergraduates the opportunity to get excited about making a difference through interdisciplinary and interprofessional research, through The McKinstry Fellows program.

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